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The Process of Hiring Tree Cutting and Stump There are many different levels of services

The Process of Hiring Tree Cutting and Stump

There are many different levels of services when removing a tree. A contractor will first cut down the tree so as to begin the process of tree removal. So that the tree is chopped down then the tree pieces are roped down by climbing the tree and cutting down to manageable sizes. Tree removal service has also other additional services to it. Tree stumps are troublesome and are removed using some various equipment as well as methods.

Some methods known for removal of tree stumps include the following; digging out, shredding with a grinder and burning. Shovel, mattock, chainsaw and a rake are some of the tools that are used with a grinder in order for the shredding process to take place.

The mattock or shovel is used for the purposes of clearing the rocks around the tree stump. A chainsaw is used to cut the tree stump while reduce the size as much as possible. So as to achieve leveling to the ground then the tree stump needs to be cut as much as possible. A grinder is used to remove the tree stump completely.

Measuring the diameter of the stump determines the cost of tree stump removal. However using the method of stump rotting the cost is usually cheaper. Wood and branch material are disposed effectively when wood chippers are used.

Cutting or chipping to smaller or medium sizes wood forms the basis of wood chips. An advantage of wood chips is that it can be used as organic mulch, biomass solid fuel, substrate and raw material for producing wood pulp. There are different types of wood chips as they are dependent on the type of wood chipper and the material made from. Based on its features wood chippers are of three types.

For people with fire places then wood is required thus log splitting can be done. An ancient technique that has been used in carpentry so as to make lumber for various wood projects is defined as log splitting. Wood needs to be split along the grain by tools such as cleaving axe, side knife, splitting maul, hammers and wedges.

Tree trimming is also an additional services upon which there are various types such as; crown thinning, crow raising and crown reduction. During the process of crown thinning the following steps are done; pruning away branches that cross other branches, not removing more than one fourth of a living crown at once and keeping lateral branches as evenly spaced as possible. When it comes to crown raising, clearance is provided for pedestrians while at the same time maintaining live branches on at least two thirds of a tree’s height. A weak stem is formed when too many branches are removed near the bottom half.

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