Medical Use of Marijuana Becomes More and More Common

Three-fifths of all states now allow the use of marijuana for prescribed medical purposes, and

Three-fifths of all states now allow the use of marijuana for prescribed medical purposes, and that fraction is sure to keep growing. Part of the reason for this is a steadily increasing awareness among the general public that marijuana can solve problems and ease symptoms which other drugs are unable to address. Another important factor has been the increasingly large body of research that highlights specific health conditions medical marijuana has been proven to help during clinical trials.

Many Ways by Which Marijuana Can Help Patients Who Have Few or No Alternatives

Although modern pharmaceutical drugs that are invented and tested in controlled settings are capable of many miraculous seeming things, they do have well established limits. For all the progress that has been made on so many fronts, there have also been areas where it seemed as if pharmaceutically enabled cures or relief from symptoms might never become available.

Marijuana has proved to be an especially versatile and effective alternative to pharmaceutical drugs for many such conditions. Patients today regularly use marijuana prescribed by their doctors to treat symptoms and conditions including:

  • Muscle spasms. The nerves that control the contractions of the many muscles in the body are delicate and difficult to target precisely by conventional pharmaceutical means. People suffering from diseases like multiple sclerosis have often found marijuana can help control muscular spasms that resist other attempts at treatment. Regular, responsible use of marijuana can vastly improve quality of life for such individuals with few or any negative side effects.
  • Nausea. Severe nausea has been described as perhaps the worst sensation a human being can experience. Patients going through chemotherapy to treat cancer often suffer attacks of nausea that leave them virtually unable to function. Once again, marijuana has proved effective at minimizing the severity of such bouts or even eliminating them completely.

Welcome Relief for Millions

With marijuana also regularly being used to treat many other types of symptoms and conditions, the medical value of the substance has become increasingly apparent even to many of those who formerly opposed its usage most vigorously. As a result, laws nationwide have more and more sought to allow and accommodate the medical use of marijuana.

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