Why Entrepreneurs Like Jim Plante are so Determined to Apply AI to Medicine

Artificial intelligence seems to be the subject of many headlines these days, but the technology’s

Artificial intelligence seems to be the subject of many headlines these days, but the technology’s practical impact is not always as apparent. Some AI ventures are designed to support digital services in ways users will rarely notice.

On the other hand, there are also technologists and entrepreneurs dedicated to making sure the power of AI transforms human lives in clearly positive ways. Successful business leaders like Jim Plante are now leading others to make use of AI so health-enhancing medical breakthroughs are likely to follow.

Applying AI to the Most Challenging Problems in Modern Medicine

There can be no denying that medical care has made great strides over the years, with today’s patients almost inevitably facing far better prognoses than those of the past. At the same time, certain related problems have become so well established it sometimes seems overcoming them could be unlikely.

Pioneers like Plante are now leveraging AI and machine learning to make progress in areas that had previously resisted it. Some of the ways by which AI promises to improve medical care for many relate to fundamental issues like:

  • Affordability. Just about everyone will have noticed how expensive even many of the most common medical treatments have become. By bolstering efficiency and highlighting less-costly ways of supplying effective care, AI could help decrease spending.
  • Personalization. Every patient is unique, both in terms of genetics and personal medical history. Unfortunately, very few types of treatments today account for the many related factors that could impact their effectiveness and suitability. AI could end up enabling far more personalized medical procedures and treatments that serve patients more effectively.
  • Precision. Some types of medical treatments are effective at achieving their primary purpose but have undesirable side effects. AI could someday be used to design more precise types of treatment that are less likely to cause such problems.

Many Reasons to Hope for Even More Progress

Any type of progress made in these areas is virtually certain to benefit many patients. With the power of AI now being applied to such longstanding issues, tomorrow’s patients will almost inevitably be better off for it.

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