5 Tips to Maximize a Worker’s Compensation Claim

Without worker’s compensation benefits, it’s hard for an out-of-work employee to make ends meet. However,

Without worker’s compensation benefits, it’s hard for an out-of-work employee to make ends meet. However, many of these workers make costly, yet simple mistakes during the claims process. If someone is hurt on the job, they should understand their responsibilities and rights. Below are a few tips for getting the most out of a worker’s compensation claim.

Report the Injury Right Away

The first thing to do after an on-the-job injury is to report it to a boss, manager, or supervisor. All states require workers to provide notice within a certain time, and if the deadline is missed, the worker may lose his or her right to collect benefits. In some areas, an employee may need to file a claim form by a specific date to officially start the claim.

Get Treated Immediately

An injured worker should seek medical care as quickly as possible. Prompt care often leads to a quicker recovery, and it also documents the injury and related physical limitations. If a worker delays treatment, the insurance company may argue that the injury isn’t as serious as claimed.

Consider Changing Physicians

In some areas, workers must first meet with the insurance company’s doctor. When receiving treatment from a preferred physician, there’s the potential for a conflict of interest. These doctors are on the insurance company’s payroll, and they may not have the patient’s interests at heart. Because a treating physician plays a crucial role in a worker’s compensation case, a worker should change doctors if they believe they’re not receiving proper treatment.

Watch for Private Investigators

If the insurer questions a worker’s credibility, it may hire an investigator for surveillance purposes. A private investigator will watch a worker wherever they go in hopes of catching them doing things that contradict the claim. When workers believe they’re under surveillance, they should consult a worker’s compensation attorney to learn how to minimize the effects of a private investigation.

Consider Hiring an Attorney

An employee may not need an attorney if their claim is simple or the insurer pays it voluntarily. However, if their benefits are denied, hiring a lawyer might be beneficial. The worker’s compensation system is tough to navigate, but an attorney will accurately value the claim, negotiate with insurers, and provide courtroom representation during appeals. Call the office to request an appointment or visit http://tulsapersonalinjuryattorney.pro/workers-compensation/ to learn more.

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