What Contacts Should a Person Choose?

There are three benefits to wearing eContactLenses. For starters, it gives the wearer a better

There are three benefits to wearing eContactLenses. For starters, it gives the wearer a better field of vision (usually 100%). There is also a better evaluation of distances and greater freedom of movement, activity, and style. Here are some things to consider before buying contacts.

Hard and soft contacts

Hard contacts are easy to maintain. Permeable to gases, they allow oxygenation of the cornea and are prescribed to wearers with dry eye or those living in drier areas. The adaptation time is longer than for soft lenses, but they last a long time and change after several years.

Soft lenses are composed of 25 to 75% water, which gives them flexibility. They require less adaptation time than the hard ones. They should be changed out every month, every 15 days or every week. However, their composition can cause the dryness of the eye since it does not allow for normal oxygenation.

This lack of oxygen is also the reason why contacts must be removed before sleeping. Note also that to correct some critical anomalies; a soft lens may be cheaper than harder contacts.

Why are soft lenses so likable?

Soft lenses include silicone hydrogel, the latest innovation in contact lenses worldwide. They are much more permeable than traditional soft lenses. This means that more oxygen passes through the lens to reach the cornea.

They are, therefore, more comfortable and can be used longer: some can be worn for a month without being removed. Before this, wearers had to follow very specific rules, such as keeping them in for no more than eight hours, which is no longer necessary with modern lenses, some are held in day and night. Finally, disposable daily lenses are maintenance-free and are particularly suitable for those who wish to wear lenses in addition to wearing glasses.

Some tips to consider

Once your contacts are in place, keep these tips in mind. If you wear make-up, do it after putting your contacts in and remove make-up after removing the lenses to avoid contact with cosmetics. Keep your eyes closed when spraying hairspray or other aerosols.

If your contacts start to annoy you, remove the lenses to determine if they are upside down or reversed. This is also necessary to detect dust or a foreign body.

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