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How Genetics Affects Addictions There are many people who have to live fighting a form

How Genetics Affects Addictions

There are many people who have to live fighting a form of addiction. After getting kids, their next worry shall be whether they also gave them the addiction. Here is more info on what an addiction would mean in a family.
Addictions are unfortunately genetic. When kids whose parents were once heavy addicts get to teenage years, their likelihood of also succumbing is high. This addiction can be attributed to genetics and behavior. This goes to show the contributions of behavior alongside those of genetics. How you behave, and how your kids choose to also behave has a bearing on how they will be in future. Children learn most things from their parents.
When you look at the DNA in human beings, you will find that we are similar up to 99.9% of ourselves. We have all our differences to lay on the remaining 0.1% With such a small margin, there is a lot that shall be similar especially among family members. This shows you how some families have a certain disease affecting them, addictions being one of those. If you were an addict before, imagine the chances of your child being one.
We can also closely examine how behavior is a major part of an addiction. How you act around your child goes a long way. Those who use drugs or alcohol never miss some of it around them. The kids will also be around it. This is how they will get used to such things much earlier than usual. There is also the fact that being raised by an addict is not an ideal situation. Their behavior will not be the usual, which is why addiction is not far-fetched.
It is worth mentioning that after having experienced what an addiction does to a family, the lessons learned will have them always conscious of addictions. Some of those kids raised in such homes will not entertain the tough of an addiction, seeing as how it robbed them of so much joy growing up. They will, therefore, do their best to make sure that this does not become the story of their lives in the future. If therefore you were an addict and your child has reached that dangerous age, you need to get them to help as soon as possible.
There is the simple approach of you taking time to talk to them about drug and alcohol addiction, and how that affected you, with several illustrations. They will see just how bad things can get, and how easily they start. As much as there is a chance they are likely to inherit the bad habit from you, the right approach will see them better prepared to avoid such an outcome.
If you are struggling with an addiction, you can read more info on how to effectively deal with it here.

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