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Nephropathy and Gaming There is a craze over video games now than ever before. There

Nephropathy and Gaming

There is a craze over video games now than ever before. There is a large part of the masses playing those games in at least one of their devices. Gaming, however, has several negatives effects on your health. An example is neuropathy, where you get a tingling sensation in your hands or feet after a gaming session. If you do not know about this condition, here are some important info about it.
The central nervous system comprises of the brain and spinal cord. The rest of the nervous system comprises the peripheral nervous system, the collection of nerves that cover the entire body. Peripheral neuropathy is when there is a problem in the peripheral nervous system. You get to experience it as severe pain, numbness or lack of feeling in the affected region. A common manifestation of neuropathy is carpal tunnel syndrome. In carpal tunnel syndrome, one nerve gets damaged.
You may not readily know you have nerve damage in its onset. All you feel is some itch after a long gaming session. As time goes, the condition will get worse. The signs show themselves in different ways. For some it is numbness, while for others it is severe and jolting pain. The symptoms get worse at night. You will find your affected fingers becoming harder to move as normal. You can also feel muscle weakness. Expect also to have problems with your coordination.
Carpal tunnel as a form of neuropathy is caused by the prolonged and repetitive use of your fingers on the controller or keyboard. You end up damaging your nerves when you pinch or weaken them. It is also how you risk getting arthritis due to the repetitive and stressful motions. With age comes the ease of getting neuropathy.
You need to make an appointment with a physician to truly know if you have carpal tunnel syndrome. You can expect they will run several tests, such as tapping on a nave in the wrist to see if you will react in pain or itchiness. There is a lot to grasp when you read more here about those tests.
A solution to the condition in its early stages is over the counter anti-inflammatory medication. There are also some topical medication for the affected areas. They work for mild carpal tunnel and arthritis. Prescription medication is recommended for advanced cases. A doctor is there to give you such prescription. You need to be more careful at night, since that s when the symptoms are heightened. There is need to get wrist splints and ice packs to keep the hand still and deal with the swelling and pain.
You also need to limit your gaming sessions, to help you completely recover. Stopping now helps you become better for your future. You can discover more tips and tricks on this site.

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