VPN for beginners: RitaVPN

For a quick fix, you can download RitaVPN, without entering any registration information, and start using

For a quick fix, you can download RitaVPN, without entering any registration information, and start using its VPN immediately. (On startup, you can choose “Tourist login” to skip the registration step.)

While the free version doesn’t include the option to choose a location, you’ll be automatically connected to a server that offers the optimal Internet connection at the moment, and your traffic encrypted from prying eyes. There’s a monthly data cap of 30GB, which makes this a good option for securing your daily browsing, financial transactions and emailing, rather than streaming geo-restricted content.

Security: RitaVPN adopts CA authentication system (use asymmetric cryptography). The biggest advantage of asymmetric cryptography system is extremely high security. RitaVPN provides 1024-bit asymmetric key algorithms to secure users’ authentication while communicating with the gateway server. In addition, RitaVPN adopts MD5 message-digest algorithm to process data, which ensures data integrity. No user information is requested in order to use the free unblock websites service.

Servers: Optimal server only; premium version has access to close to 20 servers covering major countries in the world

Data cap? Yes, 30GB per month; counter resets every month

Zero logs? Yes. No identifying information or browsing logs are stored. Ads shown while using the free service (which is ad-supported) are generic, according to RitaVPN

Available for: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS on RitaVPN

VPN for smartphones: Speedify


Like the other services on this list, Speedify offers a free version of its paid-for VPN-and this free version comes with a 2 GB data cap. It’s really intended for people to try out the service before subscribing (and the app will often pop up offers to subscribe) but if you only want a VPN for smartphone use, that data limit should cover it comfortably; 2 GB is roughly equivalent to 89 hours of mobile browsing or nearly 70,000 emails or WhatsApp messages. Even by day or by month you can set data limits to make sure you don’t circumvent your cell plan support.

On a smartphone with both cellular and Wi-Fi connection, you can also take advantage of Speedify’s channel bonding technology for fast, reliable connection-it combines multiple internet connections, such as Wi-Fi, cellular and Ethernet if on the desktop, to provide more bandwidth and faster page loading. Yet Speedify does not speed up its free users as compared to other providers. (Note: after the app has installed, a login screen will suggest subscribing or starting a 7-day free trial; shut this window without selecting either, in order to view the free service dashboard.) For that matter, if a data limit isn’t an issue because you’re only going to be using your VPN occasionally-such as to make financial transactions -Speedify is also a good free option for the desktop.

Security: Connections are secured with 256-bit encryption that can use either AES or ChaCha protocol depending on the device (older devices may not support AES).

Servers: 1,000 servers in 38 countries

Data cap? 2 GB

Restriction of speed? No

Logs? No logs. Your IP address and a device identifier are stored temporarily in order to provide service without users needing to register for an account, and deleted after a connection is closed.

Speedify can be downloaded on Windows, Linux, Linux, iOS and Android.

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