HOW VIRUS DISINFECTION PROTECTS YOUR OFFICE SPACE? With the start of some other bloodless and


With the start of some other bloodless and flu season, groups inside the Seminole, Florida, location are taking steps to keep their personnel healthful and secure from viruses. During the iciness months, people can spread colds, the flu, and viral infections more without difficulty when they’re in close touch with one another. While you may attempt to locate disinfectants that declare to get rid of viruses, not all products can effectively fight these unwanted organisms. Learn how our HVAC’s Disinfection Services can help create a healthier and more secure indoor environment in your personnel and clients.

Have You Heard About Sanosil Technology?

At ServiceMaster 24 Hour, we use Sanosil generation to eradicate harmful viruses from interior spaces. If the call Sanosil isn’t familiar to you, then you probable haven’t heard approximately this scientifically tested components for virus disinfection.

Sanosil assaults viruses that stay on surfaces around an office, viruses which can reason colds, the flu, and other ailments. Sanosil makes use of a blend of hydrogen peroxide and silver to provide a powerful solution that eradicates viruses. Ions in hydrogen peroxide and silver bond with one another and launch loose radicals that smash the molecular shape of viruses. Sanosil has been examined considerably and has tested its potential to combat germs that thrive on surfaces determined in centers which include fitness care facilities, manufacturing warehouses, and other business entities in which sanitation is critical.

At HVAC, we’re thrilled to provide our clients this ecologically safe, powerful disinfecting answer for his or her homes and offices.

How Does the Sanosil Disinfecting Process Work?

From start to complete, the Sanosil disinfecting technique takes approximately one hour to complete. After the disinfecting remedy, Sanosil breaks down into oxygen and water, a function that makes it safe to be used in food and beverage manufacturing facilities, retail areas, and manufacturing organizations that create products for children. Additionally, surfaces treated with Sanosil don’t require rinsing afterward.

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