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An Ultimate Guide to Buying Pro Performance Surfboard Leashes

When surfing, using a surfboard leash is important as it ensures total protection and as well ensures that time is not wasted chasing after your surfboard. Additionally, a surfboard leash ensures that you have a smooth and easy break over the waves, hence the reason you should consider it. You therefore need to consider choosing the best surfboard leash to have the best surfing experience. However, choosing the best surfboard leash for your surfing experience and that enhances maximum protection to you and safety to your ankle is not always easy. This is because at times you may not know what to consider or rather the kind of surfboard leash to choose. If you are looking for help in choosing the best pro performance surfboard leash for your surfing experience, here is the ultimate guide that you should consider at all times;

When you are looking for the best surfboard leash to buy, consider checking at their length. Surfboard leash have different lengths; where some may be shorter than others. You need to choose the leash that has the same length with your surfboard. This is to ensure that the leash you are choosing perfectly fits you and enables you to surf with ease. Therefore, consider measuring the length of your surfboard before buying a leash so that you can secure one that is the same length with the board. For instance, if your board is 7 foot, it is recommendable that you consider buying a 7 foot leash.

It is also important that you consider the quality of the cuff. Choosing a leash with quality and comfortable cuff enables you to surf with comfort and as well protect your ankle. It is important that you consider buying leashes with high quality cuffs. Additionally, considering the cuff style will also help choose quality and the best surfboard leash. This depends on the kind and size of board you are using. If you have a short board, it is important that you consider an ankle cuff. On the other hand if you are a long boarder, choosing knee cuffs is also very vital.

Swivels are also important to consider when you are looking for pro performance surfing board leash. Though under looked, the kind of swivels present in your leash plays a significant role on the surfing experience. Many surfing board leashes will have a single swivel, with is ideally not the preferred for a good surfing experience. You therefore need to choose a leash with double swivels to ensure that tangling during surfing is totally reduced.

Finally, consider checking whether the surfboard leash you are choosing has a rail saver. Protecting the rails of your board is very vital whenever you are surfing. This is because it ensures that the surfing experience is smooth and the best performance achieved. Therefore, consider buying surfboard leashes that have rail savers to protect your board’s rails. The strength and the brand of the surfboard leash is as well an important thing that you should consider.

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