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What Is a Plumber?

A plumber is basically a tradesman who specializes in maintaining and installing systems specifically used for drainage and potable water in different plumbing systems, including lavatories, kitchen, bath and laundry, etc. The plumber’s duties depend upon the type of system he works on and upon the type of plumbing. For instance, the plumber who works on a kitchen sink handles a wide range of tasks. He may see that the disposal of grease is properly done, check the condition of the drain or pipe, change the seal of the pipes, fix leaks in the plumbing, repair any pipe which has become defective or worn out, replace a drainage tap or regulator, etc. However, the plumber’s work can also include installation of the same.

There are many kinds of plumbers available in the market. Some of them do general plumbing work including fixing faucets, toilets, drains, taps, traps, etc., while some work on pipelines or drainage and install fixtures. There are plumbers who do repair work only and there are others who do installations as well as repairs. They are skilled and trained to do all these works and more. This makes them qualified to do all plumbing jobs.

There are some types of plumbers such as hot water plumbers who perform hot water plumbing work. He may work on septic tanks, outdoor sewer lines, fireplaces, showers, and toilets. On the other hand, there are others who may work in providing drainage system such as sewer, water supply line, borehole, earthenware line, etc.

The term ‘plumber’ is generally applied to any kind of professional who is skilled and trained to do plumbing work and who can perform various types of repair work. He is an expert in fixing broken and leaking pipes and tubes, fixing pipe joints, installing drain pipes, replacing old ones with new ones, installing replacement pipes for toilets, repairing leaks in water lines, etc. Thus, a plumber is considered as an expert who is skilled and trained to do plumbing work. Plumbing services are offered by plumbers at homes, offices, businesses, schools and colleges.

Nowadays, plumbers play an important role in saving people’s life because they make sure that the home environment is safe for living. For instance, a leak in the water lines may cause serious illnesses and diseases to the residents of the house. It may even lead to death of the resident of the house if proper action is not taken at an early stage.

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