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How to Celebrate Shabbat

Shabbat refers to the Jewish day of rest, regarded by Jews each week of the year. They observe it from Friday at sunset till Saturday night. Shabbat is regarded as a day of rest since Jews believe that God labored for six days then rested on the seventh. In the ancient times, preparing and being a participant in a special Shabbat meal is the way this Jewish holiday was celebrated. Also, you can celebrate Shabbat by participating in worship as well as leisure activities. On this page are some things you should know about the celebration of Shabbat.

You should go for shopping. Traditionally, there are three meals served on Shabbat, namely, full Friday night super, full Saturday afternoon lunch, and a somehow lighter Saturday evening dinner. ?In case you are having visitors for one or the entire meals, you need to shop as well as prepare even earlier. You can even ask them carry a dish or two to simplify the workload.

Make sure you bathe and clean your house. It is deemed a good deed to to prepare your dwelling for Shabbat. Apart from cleaning, this implies utilizing your best dishes, utilizing your best linens, and putting on your best attires. Traditionally, meals used in celebration of Shabbat ought to be fit for a queen.

Ensure you begin Shabbat with the first blessing. Usually, two candles are lit on the dinner table just prior to sunset on Friday to indicate the start of Shabbat. The candles represent observing as well as remembering the Shabbat. To rightly start Shabbat, you are supposed to light the candles and close or cover your eyes as well as recite the candle lighting blessing.

You have to pour, bless, and drink the kiddoush wine. The blessing of the grape juice or kosher wine, is referred to as Kiddoush. The wine is an indicator of joy and relaxation. To correctly bless the wine, you ought to first read Genesis 1:31-2:3 loudly, lift the cup of the wine and bless it, and bless Shabbat.

Something else to do is to bless, break, and consume the bread known as Challah. Like the candles, you are supposed to have two loaves of Shabbat bread. The blessing over this bread is referred to as HaMotzi. The reason for blessing the bread is to indicate thankfulness for the food God has provided. To correctly bless the bread, you have to uncover it and utter a blessing over it then cut, salt, and consume the bread after declaring the blessings.

Next, serve an appetizer. Try to make a unique salsa, gefilte fish, or Mediterranean dip as they are common at the start of the meal. The next part of the meal involves serving a soup or salad.

Last but not least, you have to serve the main dish with side dishes. There are a lot of options to choose from as far as the main meal is concerned. Meatballs in a mushroom sauce, chicken, brisket, or apricot are good for main meal. For side dishes, consider a romaine pepper steak salad r mandarin-orange beet salad.

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