What You Need To Know About Mesothelioma

In the 80s, scientist discovered a link between asbestos building products and a rare form

In the 80s, scientist discovered a link between asbestos building products and a rare form of lung cancer. Since then, the building products have been banned and are no longer used for commercial or residential properties. The studies showed that inhalation of the dust from the building product is the cause of cancer development. A local attorney assists anyone who has developed the disease due to asbestos exposure.

What is Mesothelioma?

It is a rare form of lung cancer that is caused by years of inhaling asbestos dust in factories, shipyards, and other commercial properties. The cancer was discovered many years ago and federal agencies such as OSHA have enforced strict regulations for removing the harmful substances from commercial properties.

What are the Guidelines for Asbestos?

All properties that could contain asbestos are assessed before new owners purchase them. The inspection must determine that all asbestos products were removed entirely due to their high risk of producing the deadly form of lung cancer. Any inspection that leads to the discovery of the building materials requires the current owner to follow laws related to removing it.

Are Commercial Properties Inspected Regularly?

Yes, any property that was built with asbestos products is evaluated each year. Specific installations are necessary to prevent the asbestos dust from circulating throughout the building. The property must pass an inspection for risk mitigation to lower the chances of lung cancer development.

What Can Workers Do If They Develop the Disease?

At any time that a worker suspects that they have developed the rare form of lung cancer must undergo proper testing. Any discovery of cancer development is reported to their employer immediately. The property is inspected at any time an instance of mesothelioma is reported. Any employers who have failed to protect their workers face heavy federal fines.

The workers have the right to compensation based on occupational disease laws. The employer must provide the worker with full payment for all their medical treatment and provide compensation to their family if the worker dies.

Employers who own older commercial properties must conduct a complete inspection for asbestos. Any new owners who discover the building materials must request the removal before the closing. The products are dangerous for all inhabitants of the property. Claimants who need more info about the disease can find information linked her today.

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