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Facts You Should Know About Blue Light According to studies, an average person spends 24

Facts You Should Know About Blue Light

According to studies, an average person spends 24 hours weekly online. As they check out the various sites on their devices, they look at the blue light. Manufacturers use blue light to keep screens illuminated. Since you spend much time online, you may have heard people say that staring at blue lights for a long time is dangerous. You may be wondering if it is entirely bad or not. Luckily, this site lets you discover more about the blue light.

For starters, it would be beneficial to have background information on blue light. Blue wavelengths of light are efficient in giving you a clear vision during the day. They are also helpful in increasing attention spans and boosting your mood. Moreover, they sharpen your reaction times. It is quite unfortunate that the blue wavelengths in our electronic devices are higher than what we should be exposed to. It is even worse if you are getting exposed to them at night. Now that you have an idea of what blue light is, you will have a better understanding of how it affects you.

Bad blue light affects our sleep. The fact is, we all run on a circadian rhythm. The rhythm entails a 24-hour circuit that will detect the sleeping and waking up times. The circadian rhythm stems from the hypothalamus section of the brain. Regardless, this system can be changed by outside factors. To be specific, light and darkness. As it gets darker, the eyes signal the brain that it is time to retire. Similarly, when there is light, the signal is it is time to wake up. Based on the natural stimulation given by blue light, your brain may be incapable of comprehending normally. The result will be poor sleep, which has a slew of side effects.

You might now have a concern for your vision. Luckily, no research has been done to show it can damage your eyes. The condition you are experiencing is the digital eye strain. Since staring on the screens make us blink less, they leave them feeling dry. Furthermore, you might start to have some itching or tired feeling on your eyes. You can seek help from a doctor who will prescribe the best eye care and concerns on how to minimize digital eye strain.

We need to recognize the impact of technology in your lives. Meaning that, many things depend on technology, and we have to live with it. As mentioned earlier, blue light cannot damage your eyes; bad blue light is, therefore, a myth. But, it is best to know how to use it properly. In this homepage, you will get to know how to control it, check it out!

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