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Home Remodeling For Disabled – Making It Easier for the Elderly

There are many benefits to home remodeling for disabled people. These include: having a sense of belonging, feeling independent and being able to enjoy home improvement projects as much as the rest of us! There is no reason why disabled homeowners shouldn’t enjoy the same experience as non disable homeowners by choosing to use durable and versatile handicap showers and grab bars to make bathroom accessibility easier.

Grab bars can make any bathroom accessible whether you have wheelchair or not. They can be installed at three different points on the wall. The basic installation is an adjustable grab bar that is supported by two sturdy brackets. If you need to install more than one grab bar, then a 36 inches wide piece of wood with railings is provided as an option in the universal design.

Wheelchair accessible showers can also be fitted with grab bars. A roll-in shower door is also an option that is suitable for disabled. This is because a lift kit is provided on the top of the door to make it accessible from the top of the stairs. The lift can be operated using a switch. Most showers have a provision to lock the doors for safety reasons. You can also get a wheelchair ramp on the side of the door.

If you want to make accessibility easier, you might include something called a hand rail. Handrails can be installed at the top and bottom of the tub or shower and along the walls. However, this may be more expensive than other home modifications. You can also opt to get a hand rail attached to the floor. In this case, ramps can be added to make it easy for the wheelchair to move around.

You might also like to include something called a raised platform in your bathroom. A raised platform can be used to access showers and bathtubs even if the stairway is blocked. You can install grab bars on the sides of the stairs as well.

Other home modifications you can consider include installing grab bars, roman blinds and accent lighting. You can use light strips to make it easier for the elderly to see the surroundings. Grab bars can be installed in the upper and lower cabinets. Ramps can be added to the stairs. And you can opt to install cabinet lighting where needed.

If you want a faster aging process, consider getting a walk-in bathtub. This tub can accommodate people with mobility problems. But if you have a family member who is suffering from an illness that makes them wheelchair bound, you might want to consider other modifications to the home. Home remodeling for disabled individuals should include modifications that will make the home safer. You can go ahead with installing grab bars, ramps and other modifications.

Another thing to do when considering home remodeling for disabled individuals is to plan ahead. This is especially important if you want to make the home more accessible to the aging parent. Make sure that the garage is fully accessible. Consider installing handicap accessible entrance and exit signs. Make sure that the kitchen can be modified to enable the disabled cook to prepare all their meals.

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