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How Do You Become an Electrician?
What does a commercial electrician actually do? According to Sullivan Electric Company LLC, an Electrician, he or she performs several basic functions. Commercial electricians perform commercial electrical work including installation of wiring; alteration of wiring; installation of outlets; installation of fuses and circuit breakers; inspection and testing of commercial electrical systems; and repair or replacement of commercial electrical equipment, systems, or appliances. What does an commercial electrician perform? According to an Electrician, commercial electricians install, repair, and make adjustments to commercial electrical systems in large commercial buildings such as apartment buildings, shopping malls, industrial centers, office buildings, warehouses, strip malls, hospitals, schools, and warehouses. They are also called upon to install lighting, ventilation equipment, and other utility control equipment in private residences.

What do commercial electrician often work with? A commercial electrician works with both electrical distribution and lighting. Distribution is the movement of electricity from the main power source to all locations. He or she also works with circuit breakers and fuses in commercial buildings and often works with the public in an emergency. He or she can also be called upon to repair faulty wiring within the business establishment, or replace damaged or broken conduit.

How are commercial electrician’s licensed? To be employed in commercial building you must complete a level one exam from the National Association of Home Inspectors and pass state licensing exams. Before a commercial electrician can start working in commercial buildings, he or she must receive a two-year apprenticeship program from either an accredited home improvement school or a construction company that is licensed by the state.

Different types of codes govern the operation of electricians in different types of commercial buildings. These codes will vary depending on the specific location of the commercial building and how the electrician completes the job. Some examples of codes include the ASEAN (American Society of Self Employed Electrical Technicians) Codes. These national codes cover almost all the electricians who are employed in domestic and some commercial buildings that are serviced by electricians.

Do I need an electrician for commercial property? No, there is no need for you to hire an electrician if you do not require electrical work in your commercial properties. Commercial electricians can be called upon to assist when wiring is performed or when conduits and pipes need to be repaired, or installed. In the event of an emergency, they can even help take phone messages and provide information to the public about safety and emergency measures.

Can I find commercial electrician locally? Yes, there are electricians available in many communities that can help with any commercial project that you may have. The best way to locate available electricians is to utilize the services of your local phone book and to contact them either by telephone or by email. Most electricians will be more than happy to assist you regardless of whether it is an residential or commercial project.

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